A Dark Horse in the Industry: XCMG Heavy-duty Trucks

In April, XCMG proudly released its financial reports throughout the preceding year and the first quarter of 2018. Apart from the overall strong growth in sales after several years of declining figures for the world’s leading equipment manufacturers, it is also worth-noticing that heavy-duty trucks also got a positive move. In 2017, over 13,000 heavy-duty trucks were sold. In the first half of 2018, XCMG recorded a rise to 9,230 units and was listed the top 10 construction machinery manufacturers in term of sales in heavy-duty trucks.

Many people might wonder if a construction machinery enterprise like XCMG is capable of manufacturing high-end heavy-duty trucks when XCMG took over the former heavy-duty truck company in 2008, which suffered from losses of more than 70 million yuan. Despite the seeming predicament, XCMG has always adhered to the vision of manufacturing vehicles, and endlessly allocated resources and strategically supported the heavy-duty truck company.



While excavators are commonly used in major construction projects, there is also an increasing amount of specialist heavy-duty trucks such as tractors and dump-trucks being developed and used for sectors. Since 2016, XCMG has started exerting effort in the development of heavy-duty trucks and has maintained a growth rate of over 40%. This unprecedented upsurge has made XCMG’s heavy-duty trucks remarkable in the mainstream industrial market.



The outstanding performance is the result of the all-round upgrade in vehicles. In the first half of year, XCMG continued to advance the present production procedure and scheme lean manufacturing projects to improve the accuracy of the BOM (bill of materials) of conventional models to over 99%. The daily production has increased from 50 units in the beginning of the year to 60 units now, and the delivery cycle has shortened to 20-25 days.



Innovation in manufacturing is essential to edge out the competition and become the forefront in the market. XCMG’s Hanvan series, which has been researched and developed for 5 years, is at the top-notch standard in the industry regarding safety, reliability, economy and comfort. Its extraordinary performance at the 2018 Taklimakan Rally and rising overseas sales have also demonstrated the exceptional quality and the ability to conquer extreme operating conditions.


Marketing is more than promoting the brands. To facilitate interaction with consumers, and use this connection to contribute to the growth of the brand, XCMG is shifting to a more consumer-centric approach. In the first half of the year, XCMG strengthened the after-sales support system and accelerated response times by adding 55 new service channels. At present, the average service response time has been reduced to 15 minutes with service coverage rate extending to 100% for prefecture-level cities.



In the time when the international sector finds most markets are looking positive, XCMG is no longer satisfied with just being the world-leading producers of commonly used construction machinery such as earthmoving machinery and road machinery. XCMG’s mastery and commitment will ceaselessly be passed on to a full line of products.